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Usage guide/How to use

In case of an accident:

First, provide assistance to any injured parties and call for medical assistance (dial 119).
Next, contact the police. Do not engage in any settlement on the spot.
Finally, contact MegaTech.

In case of a breakdown:

If the vehicle experiences any mechanical issues or malfunctions during the rental period, please contact MegaTech promptly.

Customer Responsibility in the case of an accident:

You will be responsible for the deductible amount and any damages exceeding the coverage provided by the insurance. If damages are not covered by the insurance, you will be liable for those as well. Non-Operation Charge (NOC): In the event that the rental car cannot be used due to accidents, theft, breakdowns caused by the renter or driver's negligence, damage to the rental car, or odor, a portion of the compensation for the closure during the repair period will be charged according to the following fee schedule.

Exclusions from Insurance Coverage:

The following damages occurring due to the following driving conditions or circumstances will be entirely the responsibility of the customer:

  • Failure to follow the prescribed procedures such as contacting the police and notifying our company from the accident scene.

  • Violation of the membership agreement or rental agreement.

  • Violation of traffic laws or regulations, including driving without wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unauthorized extension of the rental period, driving by a person other than the designated driver stated during the rental agreement, subleasing, driving without a valid license, and settling without the consent of our company.

  • Negligence in vehicle use, such as forgetting to lock the vehicle, leaving the key in the vehicle resulting in theft, damages due to illegal parking, interior equipment damage, loss of equipment, repair costs for damages or corrosion to the vehicle body due to poor usage, damages caused by chain or carrier installation, damages incurred during driving on beaches, riverbanks, forests, etc., participation in various tests or competitions, or using the vehicle for towing or pushing other vehicles.

  • Negligence during driving on circuits, rough roads, or non-public roads, where tire damage, vehicle repair costs, etc., will be borne by the customer at actual expenses.

  • Any other accidents falling under the deductible provisions of the insurance policy.

  • Damages caused intentionally, punctures, tire damage, loss of wheel caps, etc.

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