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  • Are there any requirements to become a member?
    Currently, the following requirements are set for membership. *Use conditions for each vehicle type are set separately Those who can submit proof of employment Those who have a credit card in their name (used when making a reservation)
  • What do I need to complete the membership registration process?
    The procedure for member registration is ①temporary registration, and ②final registration. (1) Temporary registration is an application using the input form from the member registration page. Please submit by email or fax.
  • Do I need to pay an admission fee or an annual membership fee?
    Enrollment fee and annual membership fee are free.
  • Can non-members drive?
    The member's fellow passengers can also drive under the member's responsibility as long as they meet the usage conditions set for each car. If you are driving, we will ask you to present and copy your driver's license from the passenger who will be driving at the time of rental car rental.
  • Can I rent without a reservation?
    In principle, reservations must be made in advance on the website or by phone. If possible, we will try to accommodate walk-ins without reservations. Since we are operating with a small number of people, we have limited capacity, so please contact us in advance.
  • What do I need when making a reservation?
    A credit card in your name is required to make a reservation. See here for details.
  • How can I change or cancel my reservation? Also, will there be a cancellation fee?
    Reservations can be changed or canceled by email or phone. If you wish to change your reservation, please make a reservation for the desired rental car again after canceling it. See here for cancellation fees.
  • How many months in advance can I make a reservation?
    We accept reservations from 90 days in advance.
  • Where can I pick up and return the rental car? Do you have a delivery and collection service?
    Rental car rental/return will be in Saitama. As much as possible, we offer delivery and pick-up services for a fee. Since we are operating with a small number of people, we have limited capacity, so please contact us in advance.
  • If I go to the designated car storage location mentioned above, can I leave the car there?
    We can provide free parking for one rental car. However, please note that we cannot guarantee coverage for any damages that may occur while the car is parked. Please understand this in advance. (In cases where there is no available parking space or during busy periods, we may provide recommendations for nearby parking lots.)
  • Is it possible to do circuit racing?
    Circuit racing is not allowed. For other prohibited activities, please refer to Article 18 of the Rental Agreement.
  • Do you have smoking cars available? Can I bring my pet with me in the rental car?
    To ensure a comfortable experience for all customers, all of our vehicles are non-smoking and we do not allow pets to accompany you in the rental car. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • How much will the total cost be?
    The fee will be the total of (1) plan fee + (2) option (optional) + (3) if there are any excesses or deficiencies such as extension fees. See here for more information.
  • Will there be an additional charge if I am late returning the vehicle according to the scheduled return time?
    You will be required to pay an additional fee for the exceeded time. Please note that if you exceed the allotted time without prior notice, a separate penalty fee will be applied as stipulated.
  • What should I do if I can't fill the tank with gasoline before returning the vehicle?
    Please return the vehicle as it is. We will settle the charges based on the actual mileage according to the specified rates.
  • Are there any mileage restrictions or additional charges for distance traveled?
    There are mileage restrictions and additional charges based on the plan and vehicle type. Please refer to the page of each car for more details.
  • When should I make the payment for the rental fee? Can I use a credit card?
    For your reservation, an advance payment is required using a credit card. The plan fee and any optional charges should be paid in cash upon departure. If there is any additional amount due upon return, it should be paid in cash as well. Please note that credit cards cannot be used during vehicle pickup or return. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Is it possible to enhance insurance and compensation in case of an accident?
    The basic charge includes a basic compensation plan. For customers who wish, we offer exemption reduction options for a fee. See here for more information.
  • Does the insurance and coverage apply to non-members who drive the rental car?
    If the driver meets the usage conditions and has obtained our approval, insurance and coverage will be applicable to them, just like for our members. However, please note that in the event of an accident or breakdown, the ultimate responsibility lies with the member.
  • Is it necessary to follow the prescribed procedures even in the case of a minor scrape or scratch that is not an accident?
    Yes, it is necessary. Regardless of the size of the scrape or scratch and whether or not there is another party involved, our company considers it as an "accident." Even if you are unsure, please always follow the prescribed procedures. If the necessary procedures are not followed, insurance coverage and compensation cannot be applied, and the customer will be responsible for the costs. Therefore, please make sure to obtain an accident report in all cases.
  • If the rental car experiences a breakdown during the rental period, what should I do?
    Please contact our company promptly.


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