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Usage guide/How to use

MegaTech vehicles include coverage up to the following amounts, and the deductible amount will be the customer's responsibility. The base fee includes basic coverage for liability towards third parties, property damage (with a deductible of 200,000 yen), and bodily injury. Regarding vehicle coverage, it is assumed that the customer, as the insured party, has a separate optional insurance policy, such as the Other Vehicle Driving Hazard Coverage (including general vehicle coverage), under their name. Therefore, the deductible amount for vehicle coverage is equal to the current market value, effectively not providing comprehensive vehicle coverage. For customers who desire vehicle coverage and deductible reduction, we offer additional insurance options. Please make sure to subscribe in advance.

Deductible Amount / Customer's Responsibility

※ The customer will be responsible for any damages exceeding the deductible amount and the reimbursed insurance coverage.

※ In the event of an accident falling under the exemptions specified in the insurance policy, no insurance coverage will be provided. Additionally, this compensation system may not apply in cases where there is no police report for the accident or if there is a violation of the rental agreement terms.

Other Vehicle Operation Endorsement
(Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage Endorsement)

The Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage Endorsement allows you to receive insurance benefits from your own auto insurance policy when you cause an accident and liability arises while driving someone else's car, such as a friend's car or a rental car. This endorsement enables you to receive insurance benefits for third-party liability, property damage, and damages to the borrowed vehicle.

To use our rental vehicles without adding any additional insurance options to the "Basic Coverage Plan," the following conditions must be met:

  1. You have your own auto insurance policy as the insured party, and you agree to utilize that insurance in the event of an accident.

  2. Your auto insurance policy includes a Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage Endorsement that applies to rental cars.

  3. The coverage provided should be equal to or greater than the coverage offered by our company's insurance (unlimited liability coverage for personal injury and property damage, and general coverage for the vehicle). For details about the coverage provided by your own auto insurance policy, please refer to the policy terms and conditions of your insurance company.

⇒ Search "Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage Endorsement" on Google for more information.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our insurance representative at 080-1111-1111."

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