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User Guide


Membership Application:

For first-time users, please apply for membership through the registration page.

Membership Registration Process:

  • Temporary Registration: Submit the application form (web-based).

  • Main Registration: Submit necessary documents (web-based, email, or fax).

After confirming the required documents, we will send you an email titled 'Notification of Membership Registration Completion'."



Prior reservation is required for use.

Reservation Process:

  • Temporary Reservation: Apply through the reservation form or by phone.

  • Reservation Confirmation: Make a down payment of using a credit card under the name of the applicant.

For more details, please refer to the reservation page."


Visiting and Departure:

Please bring the following items when you visit:

  • Driver's licenses (for all drivers)

  • Original documents submitted for final membership registration

  • Cash: Usage fees → Please refer to the pricing details for more information.

Departure Procedure:

  • Upon arrival at the rental location, please inform the staff of your reservation. We will confirm your reservation details. If you anticipate arriving earlier or later than scheduled,
    please contact us at 111-1111-1111.

  • We will provide an explanation of the rental agreement, insurance, and compensation system.

  • We will assist you in completing the rental contract and payment of fees.

  • We will explain procedures in case of accidents or breakdowns.

  • You will be asked to inspect the vehicle (checking for any defects or damages).



Return Procedure:

  • Please return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. (Please refuel with high-octane gasoline for all vehicles.) We will check the receipt at the time of return. Payment based on the designated fee corresponding to the mileage is also possible.

  • If you anticipate being late for the return time, please contact us promptly at 111-1111-1111. (If an extension is made without prior notice, the prescribed penalty fee will be charged.)

  • Once you arrive at the return location, please notify the staff. We will conduct a vehicle inspection.

  • If there are any additional charges for extensions, etc., we will settle the difference.

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